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Why ZyGain® Is The Best.

Enhancing your penis is a sensitive issue and choosing the right method is key to achieving the results you desire. There are many risks involved when using some of the cheaper and lesser known products and devices out there so we have compiled some information to help you get on the right track.

ZyGain® Complete compared to:

extenderWeights , Pumps, Surgery, Cheap Devices, & Cheap Pills.

We have found that most of our new clients have come to us after using some of the methods listed above. Almost 80% have been ripped off by these inferior products or companies claiming results that do not deliver. Whether it is their pill products that contain useless ingredients otherwise known as fillers, or it is the inferior devices that actually do more damage to their penis than good. We recommend staying away from any weight system, pump system, harmful extender system that uses a strap device, or any one of the cheap pill or patch products on the market that care nothing about the consumer.

The Androextender® device is endorsed and clinically backed by real doctors. Your health and your success when using the system was the most important factor when they designed it for men with penis related issues. You can not go wrong when using combining both the device and the ZyGain® supplements..

Weights - This method involves hanging actual weights from your penis, every day for 20 - 30 minutes. The structure of your penis is very different from muscles like biceps, triceps, or pectorals. Weights are actually very dangerous because one slight movement can cut into your penis and hurt it severely. Problems can include: serious pain, bruises, gangrene and dislocating of tendons found in the pubic area. extenderEven worse, these weights cut off the circulation to the penis which can result in infection and amputation. This method is silly, but what can you expect from hanging actual weights off your penis.
ZyGain® Complete is different because our device has been designed to be worn discreetly each day, whether you are at work, out and about, driving your car, or simply while you are at home. The device is designed so that you can control the tension, a constant tension that will never cause you any pain or serious damage.

Pumps - Although pumps do work temporarily (usually for about half an hour) this is unsuitable for surprise occasions. Pumps have been known to leave scars, bruises and in some cases gangrene, causing much pain to the penis. Pumps work by placing a tube over your penis and then pumping the air out of the tube. This extendertemporarily swells the penis, but does not increase the blood capacity in the cells of the penis which is necessary to achieve permanent size gains. Other downsides of vacuum pumps are: risk of painful blisters, dislocating and bruising, bleeding from burst capillaries and too much effort with too little result. We do not recommend using this method for penis enhancement, besides, do you really want one of these monstrosities on your night stand?
ZyGain® Complete is designed so that you can control the tension, a constant tension that will never cause you any pain or serious damage. This controllable tension or traction remains even across the length of your penis which avoids the dangers associated with penis pumps.

Surgery - Many men have looked into surgery only to discover the huge costs involved, and the very small chances of success. To surgically enhance your penis would cost you a minimum of about $6000. This is done by adding fat extenderto your penis and then hanging 15 pounds from your penis to avoid the fat retracting back into your abdomen. The chances of success are not great, and would you really want to risk it? Some men have been known to become totally impotent after surgery. This alone would detract most men from this method.
ZyGain® Complete is affordable, reliable and comes with a full 6 Month Guarantee and saves you from going under the knife, especially when you don't have to!

Cheap Devices - There are many forms and type of cheap extender devices on the market. Cheap devices are manufactured in unregulated factories using cheap parts, no customer support, not clinically proven to work and are not 100% guaranteed. There is no quality control whatsoever and the first sign when spotting a cheap device is the price. Spending anything less than a couple hundred dollars on an extender device will buy you exactly what you pay for: a device that can bend, rust and break with the only result being permanent damage to your penis.
The Androextender® is Clinically proven to work, a medical Type 1 device, uses medical grade materials, is spring loaded for precise traction where you need it, carries the CE mark of safety and is fully guaranteed to work or your money back.

Cheap Pills - There are way to many penis pill products on the market. A new one seems to pop up each week on the internet, if not each day. About 90% of them contain cheap ingredients or not enough of the main ingredients required to enhance a penis. These useless ingredients are known in the industry as fillers. We were shocked to find that most of these companies have no idea what is actually in the pills they sell. Always keep an eye out for an ingredients list when dealing with herbal supplements. extenderYou will be happy to know that ZyGain® lists the ingredients of our pill and are very happy to do so because we know they work or your money back!
Pills when used alone can not permanently enlarge your penis so stay away from any site that makes these claims. Penis pills and herbal supplements are designed to increase and boost blood flow to your penis. When you have more blood flowing through your penis when using ZyGain® Pills, the extender has an easier job doing what it was designed to do - Enlarge it!

Conclusion, by combining ZyGain® Pills with the Androextender® you will see the results or your money back - It's that Simple.